Sad News

Chris Ebbeson, 30, a member of the Pennsauken Roller Hockey family sadly passed away this morning after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Chris has been a part of the roller hockey family since he was a junior.  He has been a mainstay at the rink and recently had been playing in the over 30 division and having a great time.  He loved football and definitely loved his friends.  We will surely miss seeing Chris at the rink!  On a personal note, Chris always had kind words for my wife and myself.  The conversation always started, “Hi, Mr. Craig….”  I will definitely miss that!


In an effort to help defray costs for the Ebbeson family, Pennsauken Roller hockey will be accepting donations at the rink starting this evening.  Please see James, Harry, John, Scott, or myself if you would like to contribute.

League Notes

  1. All fees are due.
  2. You can still pay through Paypal.  Select tab above for details.
  3. League Fees
    1. Adult 18’s – $70
    2. Adult 30’s – $70
    3. Both Leagues – $90
  4. Rain Outs – Make-ups
    1. Adult 18’s – Monday night after the rain out
    2. Adult 30’s – Thursday night after the rain out